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  • Where did Sheikh of Sialkot start? 1981

    Sheikh of Sialkot (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1981 as a partnership concern. The principal activity of the corporation is Processing the Leather and manufacturing & export of Quality Leather/ Textile Garments. The organization has three tiers of management, the board of directors and the key Management personnel.
    Mr. Imjaz Latif; Chief Executive and President of Sheikh of Sialkot. The vital function of production of Leather Processing and exports is in control of Mr. Ansar Latif. Mr. Bilal Latif deals in Marketing and purchase.

    What happened in between?

    These major milestones happened between 1981 and 2018!

    Sheikh of Sialkot (Pvt.) Ltd is one of the first companies to employ the “Chain System” through the help of Korean technology.
    Chain system production allows the completion of the most amount of work in the least possible time. This allows each employee to focus on only one part of a garment at a specified time which in turn ensures consistency and maintenance of high quality standards. Our quality of work and short lead times speak for themselves.

    Established in

    Sheikh of Sialkot Pvt. Ltd. is an international
    leader in leather manufacturing. Our
    35+ years of experience.



    9th KM Addha Daska Road,
    Sialkot. Pakistan.
    (On Main highway from Lahore)

    Tel No:

    +92-52-6527545 - 6527546 - 6526241

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