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    Sheikh of Sialkot started its business with the team of only 20 employees and now 900 workers of exceptional ability and character are working under a high degree of employment security and attractive benefit program.

    Over the years we have successfully implemented in letter and spirit core values for our precious staff members. We do look after for their health, safety and continuous training. We put ethical integrity on our priority list.


    We have developed our line and staff hierarchy on principles of simplicity and common understanding. We have firm belief in “Management by Exceptions” and all the managers/supervisors are capable and well trained.

    They work in a well-knitted production plan to ensure high quality products and on time shipments.


    We are very proud of our international marketing team. Our strong marketing team has contributed lions share in our steady progress in the international arena. We already enjoy exports of brand names in Europe, US and Canada.

    And now we are looking for our customer’s rest of the World. We are vigilant of the changes around us and are prepared to face any challenge in the global market.



    9th KM Addha Daska Road,
    Sialkot. Pakistan.
    (On Main highway from Lahore)

    Tel No:

    +92-52-6527545 - 6527546 - 6526241

    Fax No:




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