About us

Established in 1981, “Sheikh of Sialkot” has been at the forefront of Leather industry in Pakistan for many years. It hurricane the quality esthetic germane to the highest international standards of leather export and leather finished products throughout the world. Since the friendly environment, ecofriendly atmosphere, dedicated workmanship and professional working relationship in the arenas of “Sheikh of Sialkot” earned a prestigious repute amongst its clients over the globe.

Artical Range

SOS Tannery has over 36 years vast experience in making leathers for Shoe Uppers, Linings, Hand bags and Garments.
We create solutions for our customers. Whether it be custom matching the latest color trends, a new look, or a technical leather to withstand whatever you throw at it, we understand that every customer has a different set of needs.

Shoe Upper Leather
Shoe Upper Leather
Bag Leather
Bag Leather
Garment Leather
Garment Leather

Hide & Skins

We produce leather mainly with Cow, Buffalo, Sheep and Goat skins.



SOS is producing eco-friendly leathers such as vegetable tanned and Chrome Free tanned Leathers along regular articles of Chrome tanning. All of our leathers meet European REACH standards.

Chrom Tanning
vegetable Tanning
CHrome free tanning

Business Divisions & Capacities

Tanning Unit

1.3 million sqft leather monthly

Garment Unit

40,000 pieces of garments monthly

Shoe Unit

10,000 shoe pairs monthly



  • variety of leathers in different hides & skins
  • Dedicated & innovative technical team.
  • Closely working with european technicians & labs for R&D
  • Large production capacity to handle volume orders
  • Strict quality control throughout the process
  • Focused on eco-friendly leathers

Production Facility

All of our leather is tanned by us in the same building – we control the whole process

Going Green

SOS is fully aware of the need to protect the planet and due to the importance of this issue we follow environmental standards in term of water conservation, emission protection, waste management and committed to continuously lowering their environmental impact SOS is committed to excellence, leadership, and continuous improvement in preserving and protecting the environment and safeguarding the health of our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate and live.

Certification and Affiliation



sheikh of sialkot
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51310 Sialkot, Pakistan.
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